Clive Durose use only the finest timbers in manufacturing to ensure and maintain the high quality of our finished products. Take a look at some of the timbers we use and what makes them so special.

White Oak White Oak
White Oak is a highly popular choice for many of our customers due to its timeless appeal. It evokes an image of quality, strength
and durability which lend it to fine furniture and the very best of interior woodwork.
Hemlock Hemlock
Popular for its "clear" appearance which refers to its lack of knots, North American Hemlock is ideal for staining. When finished in
its natural colour, Hemlock creates a beautiful visual impact perfectly suited to the staircase.
Pine Pine
Clive Durose go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality of our FSC & PEFC certified Pine. Native to Scandinavia, our Pine is
kiln dried to 10% moisture which is far lower than Pine from other suppliers.
Sapele Sapele
Sapele is the recognised substitute for the less environmentally credible Mahogany timber. This rich timber looks superb when
stained to its natural colour or a deeper "walnut" brown.
American Black Walnut American Black Walnut
American Black Walnut is one of the most beautiful and desirable timbers available and as such is often chosen for high spec
design projects. Some of our stair components are available in American Black Walnut but on the most part this timber is a
special order material due to its cost and availability. Because of the characteristic of the American Black Walnut species, handrail
and baserail can only be manufactured up to 3.0m in length.
American Ash American Ash
Immediately recognisable for its straight grain and light colour, American Ash is extremely durable and strong. These characteristics
make American Ash a universally popular choice for both domestic and commercial staircases.