Our Ethics

We aim to do things in the best possible way we can and strive for better business in all areas. We take responsibility for the impact we have on society and the environment and ideally we want to be a truly sustainable business. 

We endeavour to take whatever steps we can to minimise the impact of our business on the environment. We are accredited to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). 

Many of our products are within these schemes but please check if you specifically require accredited products.

Sustainable timber
We care where our wood comes from. There is no one way to buy responsibly but we do a number of things to be as responsible as possible:-

We learn as much as we can about where our timber comes from and how we can help our suppliers in being as sustainable as possible.

Whatever part of the world we source it from, we only use wood which comes from legal sources, and an increasing amount of it comes from certified sustainable forests. We are both FSC certified and PEFC accredited and we favour suppliers which are accredited.

We have our own set of standards which set out minimum standards our suppliers have to achieve if they are not accredited.
Sustainable operation
We keep the environmental effect of our day to day operations to a minimum simply by being conscientious about the way we work.

We recycle our office waste such as paper and plastic.

We use electronic communication over letters as much as possible. 

We provide showers and bike facilities to encourage cycling to work.

We only travel when we have to and we use the trains as much as possible.
Sustainable production
As with our timber and operations, we want our production to be as low impact as possible. Here's a couple of things we do:-

We recycle as much as we can throughout our factory and offices. This includes cardboard, paper, polythene and polypropylene.

We love wood - it's beautiful, natural and sustainable. It can also be burnt to provide heat - we burn our off-cut shavings to heat the entire manufacturing facility.