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  • Decorating Around Different Types of Wood

    When planning and designing your staircase, one thing to consider is the décor that is going to surround the completed installation. One of the virtues of working with wood is that you can use a number of different stains and finishes to achieve different coloured results, but today we are going to focus on working with woods in their natural colouration.

    We work with a variety of different woods that each offers their own distinct colours. It is fine (and sometimes encouraged) to mix a small number of different wood tones together; but if you try and mix too many the result will be chaotic and messy.

    Light Woods

    Lighter wood tones are the most abundant and offer a range of creamy hues across Ash, Oak and Pine timbers. When your staircase is made of a lighter coloured wood, you can complement it in a number of ways. Using white and silver will play off the lighter tone, while green - your contrasting colour in this arrangement - can be used sparingly amongst highlighting accessories.

    One benefit of the lighter woods is their chromatic flexibility. It is entirely possible that you don’t need to use them as the primary colour at all. Instead, use the light wood tones as a complimentary colour across your stairs and furniture. Because of this, it is easy to match the lighter woods with a wide range of primary colours. This can be especially helpful in a family home, since it offers a lot of options should you choose to redecorate years down the line.

    Light Natural Wood Staircase

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  • How to Care For Your Wooden Staircase

    How to Care For Your Wooden Staircase

    Adding a new wooden staircase to your property is a powerful way to add value and character. It’s also an investment worth protecting. We take pride in the great quality of all of our stair parts, which is why we want to make sure you get the most from them and can enjoy them for many years to come. With the right care, you can maximise your staircase’s lifespan and keep it looking its very best throughout.

    To ensure you have all the knowledge you need to take care of your staircase, we are here to run through a list of the most important ways to care for your wooden staircase. This should include regular cleaning, polishing, any potential refinishing and occasional retouching in the event of any minor blemishes that crop up as part of any household accidents.

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