Five Reasons To Choose Wood For Your Staircase

Five Reasons To Choose Wood For Your Staircase

You've decided to renovate. Great! When you look into redesigning your home, it's important to give proper consideration to its centrepiece - the staircase. For many homes, the staircase is the first thing you notice when you walk through the front door. Because of this, it's worth while making sure it is something you are proud of - so take your time to decide on the perfect look for your staircase and make the very best first impression possible.

When you begin planning your new staircase, you'll face a lot of choices that will have inter-linking repercussions on the overall look and feel of your entire home - so it's important to get things right first time. One of your earlier choices will be to decide what material to use for your staircase. Stone? Concrete? Steel? With materials like those you'll quickly find that costs pile up. Not only this, these are cold sterile materials that lack the natural beauty and warmth of wood.

5 - The Cost

The cost of materials to manufacture a wooden staircase is markedly lower than other materials. This is especially true when you're able to buy your staircase parts from us, where we keep a healthy range of staircase parts as ready stock. Anything not in stock, we can craft on an as-order basis (where our crafting time is also quicker).

4 - Low Environmental Footprint

It's a lot easier to regrow a tree than it is replenish stone or natural ores. We've mentioned our commitment to environmentally friendly craftsmanship. All of our timbers are sourced from certified environmentally friendly sources who operate reforesting schemes and who replant trees for every one they cut down. Replanting trees is standard practice in our industry, but you can't quite 're-grow' stone or metal ores in the ground.

3 - Ease of (Re-)Renovation

Wooden staircases also benefit from being much easier to renovate in the future. Many families choose to renovate either when they have children, or when their children finally leave the family home. In either instance, you have a lot of options when you're working with a wooden staircase; you could give them a new finish or replace just the handrails and newel posts. With wood, your options are greater and you have a much broader range of flexibility with what you can do. There's a lot more hassle involved if you have to remove an entire stone or concrete staircase, for example.

2 - The Tradition and History

Craftmans Choice Wood Stair Parts

The design principles and aesthetics used in contemporary staircase construction. We've already covered the origins of the staircase spindle and how its roots trace back all the way to renaissance Italy, but there are plenty of other historic styles that can revive within your own home. Take our own Craftmans Choice range (see above) for example a bold and opulent style for period homes and discerning renovators.

1 - Compliment Your Décor

When working with wood, you have far more options in terms of your colour finish. You can take the ever popular route of matching the wood of your staircase to all of its surrounding wooden furniture. If you want to strive for a modern look consider our id modern sculptured balusters or the Ikon range of stair parts which uses polished steel spindles and accents that will easily complement any chrome fittings or items that you may have around your home. Whatever your décor style, at the staircase parts store, you will find a range of stair parts perfect for your renovation project.

Hopefully that helps you appreciate the benefits of a wooden staircase that little bit more. If you'd like to start the process of getting your own wooden staircase, start by browsing the Staircase Parts Store or give us a call to find out more.