Five Inspiring Wooden Staircases

At times it’s important to look beyond our own work and get a taste of outside inspiration from around the world. To showcase some of our favourites, we have compiled a list of what we feel are five fantastic staircases what will each fill you with a different flavour of inspiration.

Loretto Chapel, New Mexico

Loretto Chapel Spiral Staircase

The wooden staircase at Loretta Chapel, New Mexico has an endearing origin story. Constructed in the 1800s, the staircase was built to satisfy the chapel’s need to access the second floor choir room and loft despite there being very little room. According to legend, the sisters of the chapel prayed to St. Joseph (the patron saint of carpenters) for an answer to their woes. Nine days later, a mysterious man appeared at the chapel with carpenter’s tools in hand, he constructed the staircase in a way that still baffles engineers today; with no nails or visible support. It could be a miracle, or it could be an amazing feat of engineering. Either way, this tight spiral staircase looks stunning.

Peles Castle, Transylvania

Peles-Castle-StaircaseYou would expect the interior of a castle to be of a high calibre, but Peles Castle in Transylvania is something else. Renowned as one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe, every inch of the castle is decorated with gorgeous furniture, intricate woodcarving and stained glass windows. Of course, the staircase is no exception: engraved wood with intricate curves and shapes, it's no surprise why the castle has the reputation that it does.

Sensualscaping Stairs, London

Sensualscaping Stairs LondonThis London installation presents another wooden staircase where we can appreciate the intricate detail of its construction, but this marks a distant progression from more traditional staircases. The entire staircase was created using a CNC machine to achieve amazing results that emulate the growing boughs of a tree. Like our own work, this piece uses oak for a strong and durable construction.

Book Staircase, London

Book Shelf Staircase
Another unique wooden staircase from our capital, this installation is perfect for literature lovers. As an excellent way to save space, this stair carries the weight of its and its books all the way back to the structure of the wall. This oak staircase is a further example of the material's durability and deserved reputation for quality.

The Titanic's Grand Staircase, the Atlantic Ocean

Titanic Grand StaircaseIt may have long since deteriorated, but the grand staircase of the RMS Titanic is still one of the most well-documented in history. The full staircase was decorated large glass domes, oak panelling, bronze cherubs, candelabra and all manner of other adornments. Unfortunately, a century under the sea means this majestic wooden staircase has now been eaten away by ocean microbes. But, as you can see above, so much interest in the Titanic means that there are eager recreations.

We hope that has given you the inspiration you need to start looking at how you can use a new staircase to beautify your own home. Our own staircase gallery is filled with fine examples of our completed staircase projects. To benefit from our expert advice and get answers to any questions or queries all it takes is to get in touch.