The Craftmans Choice Range - A Staircase Parts Spotlight

The Craftmans Choice Range - A Staircase Parts Spotlight

Today's Staircase Parts Spotlight is on our exquisite Craftmans Choice range.

Unlike some of the previous ranges that we've featured that accentuate themselves with chrome trims, like the Ikon and Modus ranges, the Craftmans Choice range has only the finest wooden elements to create a bold and beautiful profile.

The art of creating symmetrical forms in wood is a skill that requires experience, patience and an unparalleled level of hand-eye coordination and dexterity. The Craftmans Choice range capitalises on this by delivering three different styles of turned spindle:

Wooden Stair Parts Trentham Spindles Left to Right: Trentham Turned, Trentham Flute, and Trentham Twist.

Traditionally Turned Wooden Stair Parts:

The Craftmans Choice collection is the finest example of superior bold stair parts; so called because of the degree of skill and care that goes into each piece. Craftmans Choice is steeped in tradition and history that goes back to the 1800s. The Trentham design is based on the Trentham estate that once belonging to the Duke of Sutherland, whose fine family home is regarded as an architectural marvel. To maintain an equal air of marvel through the Craftmans Choice range, we have made it available to you in a wide variety of different woods, ensuring that it can be used to suit an equally diverse range of décors, as you can see below:

Craftmans Choice Wood Stair Parts

Each individual stair part is kiln dried and expertly honed from the finest timbers, resulting in the highest quality stair that deliver a strong, impactful shape. Our oak parts are available from stock, while our other timbers are made to order within a three week lead time (alternative timbers are priced per order).

Craftmans Choice is most at home when it's used as part of a residential setting. The warmth of wood makes it an ideal choice as the central staircase that ties together your home.

If you'd like to find out how the Craftmans Choice range can be used to create a beautiful staircase for your home, begin by exploring the available parts on our stair parts store. We have years of experience to share and can help with any questions you might have; we can also put you in touch with a qualified manufacturer to assemble your parts into a finished staircase. Go ahead, get in touch.