Go Bespoke With Precision Timber Handrails

Go Bespoke With Precision Timber Handrails

Our existing range of timber handrails and other stair parts is already vast enough to open up a world of choice for anyone looking for a new timber staircase. For the more discerning customer, there is the option to choose a completely bespoke staircase and handrail that is designed to complement your interior design project perfectly. Our specialist department, Precision Timber Handrails, was founded to satisfy this need and set out to define a new standard in bespoke complex stairs and timber handrails.

Digital Measuring

Precision is key with all of our work on staircases – we didn't name our specialist department  ‘Precision Timber Handrails’ without reason. We use laser technology and metrology equipment to take the exact geometric measurements of the installation site and staircase. This lets us account for any deviations from the planned dimensions and ensure the installation is as precise as possible.

CAD Design

Once we have taken our digital measurements, our team of skilled designers and engineers use leading industrial design software to create 3D models of each stair and handrail. Each element is thoroughly scrutinised with virtual simulations to ensure each component is correct. On the occasions that digital design is not enough, we have a heritage of expert craftsmanship to support our work in creating well proportioned and distinctive stairs and handrails.

Digital Measurements Handrail Design Taking precise digital measurements

Machining & Jointing

We leave nothing to chance. Those awkward joints that are difficult to achieve on site - we use our state of the art 5 Axis CNC machining centres to ensure every joint is perfect before it leave our workshop. By using our unique methods, we can ensure first-class quality and considerable time saving at the assembly stages.

Installation & Finishing

Our philosophy is to provide a complete complex stair and handrail service with professional installation and finishing. By reducing on-site work as much as possible, we achieve a higher quality installation overall. Once installed, our professional craftsmen will polish your staircase and handrail to exceptional standards in whatever your chosen finish.

By adhering to these principles, we ensure a consistent quality of craftsmanship at every stage of the process. The combination of our services also leaves us equipped to cater to customers at all ends of the spectrum, whether it is a bespoke staircase, a handrail for an existing stair or you are looking for ready-made staircase parts.

You can explore the Precision Timber Handrails website for yourself and see more examples of the fantastic work that we have done. Alternatively, you can browse our existing range of handrails and banisters to find the right style for you. If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.